Guidance to help local authorities understand the benefits of fleet electrification and how to transition from petrol and diesel vehicles

last-mile electrification

Full-service solution provision democratizing fleet electrification

micro mobility

Products to reflect our vision of space-saving micro mobility and, consequently, ideal for covering short distances


Next to every tourism investment in Greece and beyond


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Automotive Solutions combines people, know how, products, solutions and the best surface condition management technologies that lead the way to an integrated ecosystem.

With electric city buses and related infrastructure at the core of the modern public transport ecosystem, Automotive Solutions has the most consequently engineered products and solutions thereof.

If you are looking for slick, effective, timely and sustainable surface control, then Automotive Solutions can provide it.

As provider of electric city buses, complementary vehicles and of the surrounding ecosystem, Automotive Solutions builds up on the years of expertise that its founders and the core team contribute.

Last-mile electrification
With seasoned employees working together across Greece and Cyprus, Automotive Solutions is focused on transforming last mile transportation of people and goods to zero emissions.
Automotive Solutions is the true provider of all-electric light commercial vehicles.
Proven work and an obsession with ongoing search mean our vehicles set the standard for what they’re intended to be: robust work tools that will always perform and won’t let you down.
We've brought together the complete set of products and services you need to go green, for good.

Micro mobility
A young, highly motivated team takes care of sales and marketing of micro mobility devices in Greece and Cyprus. We provide dozens of mobility devices for children, adolescents and adults under various brand names.
Next to the purely functional side of a product, we also place enormous emphasis on design and quality because, in addition to being fun and practical, our scooters and electric bicycles should also embody a maximum level of appeal – for as long as possible. It is no accident that we have the most popular electric bike and scooter brands amongst the customers.
We have set ourselves the goal of redefining tomorrow’s mobility through high quality products with an unpretentious, timeless design.
Automotive Solutions has the best golf cars, that better meet the needs of the customer, with an 80% market share.
Automotive Solutions is providing dependable solutions for a variety of tourism industries. It continues to build on its reputation for delivering quality, heavy-duty industrial material carriers, dependable utility vehicles, and comfortable personnel transport vehicles.
Automotive Solutions has become a leader in tourism transportation and a leading provider of golf cars and tourism utility and personal transportation vehicles, many of which feature game-changing technology and innovations to improve vehicle efficiency and enhance the user experience like no other vehicle can.
Automotive Solutions‘ tourism commercial and utility vehicles are known for versatility, durability and dependability.

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